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Holograms - the Mark of Authenticity Hologram Proves its authenticity from long days ago on usage in the early 1980s, on Master card and Visa and all goverment documents such as Passport, Driving License et to counterfeitingc.Holograms has security features which indicating the authenticity of product and providing powerful deterrent to counterfeiting. Security Holograms works no doubt Holograms cannot be copied by conventional reprographic means (copiers or scanners and printers). Their effects cannot be reproduced or simulated by conventional printing or finishing techniques. The skills, technology and investment involved in their design, origination and manufacture ensures that their production is beyond the reach of most would-be counterfeiters, while even the most determined forgers will be unlikely to produce holograms that are effective and accurate copies of the original. Holograms are also highly versatile. They can be applied cost-effectively to a wide variety of substrates and products as part of conventional printing, packaging and labelling processes. And while they are essentially overt features that can be recognized and verified by the public, they can also be integrated with other security technologies – inks, taggants, numbering, RFID etc - to provide multi-layered security solutions combining overt and covert security with track and trace capabilities. As a result, holograms are widely used on all manner of security documents including banknotes, personal identification documents such as passports and ID cards, fiscal stamps, tickets, vouchers, cheques, payment cards etc. They are also used to protect branded goods from counterfeiting, adulteration, substitution and parallel trading, featuring on many of the world's leading brands of pharmaceuticals, IT products, automotive components, luxury and consumer goods. Hologram Manufactures, exporters in India all members register Hologram Image in Association HOMAI (Hologram Member association of India) and IHMA (International Hologram Members Association) which safeguard counterfeiting issues. Kiranholographics is Pioneer in holography industry since 2003 and continue in updating technology for high security and features of Holographic flim and Holographic Id, Holographic paper in India and around the world. For further inquires on Holography and productskindly contact on – /
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