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Holograms can be produced by two coherent Laser beam Light intersect and form an Image.Are based on a two-dimensional graphic image. All elements of the design appear in a single image plane.Various techniques are available to customize the hologram to your market requirements. At the same time the product becomes more difficult to counterfeit. The hologram is thus an effective means of strengthening brand identity.Hologram with security featurers like- E-Beam and Kinemax are Impossible to Copy. Many different Hologram Images van be Formed— 2D Hologram -Are based on a two-dimensional graphic image. All elements of the design appear in a single image plane. 2D/3D Holograms -These show two or more two-dimensional images in parallelimage planes, producing a “perspective” effect, creating the illusion of depth. Dot-matrix Hologram -Consist of computer-generated arrangements of dots in a screen. The dots give off different light effects from different viewing positions. Additional components —Besides the various holographic origination techniques, a number of separate design components can be incorporated so as to increase the security value of the hologram and strengthen its optical effects.Such design effects include:image flip, color separation, shading, prismatic components, microtext and hidden images. Question arises in mine why to use holograms kiranholographics has best security features on applying in production of Hologram Image is difficult and not easily can approach to duplicate Hologram. hologram security is applied on various Govt projects and to many companies world wide.Hologram manufaturer & Exporter India sine 2002.
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