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About Security Hologram Stickers India In General we see reflecting sticker we call as “Hologram Stickers” but technically known as Security Holograms Stickers, are the perfect solutions to prevent counterfieting . Providing product security, Holograms are made by using an aluminum sheet which after many processes get optical properties to diffract light and create virtual 3D effects which cannot be copied by using by clicking a photograph or through any photocopier or scanning machine in the world.Kiranholographics has exclusive range of tamper-evident security holograms ensures the identification of fake products. Any effort to peel it and reuse lead to the destruction of the hologram and makes the tampering visible. These holograms are available in standard & customised designs and offered at economical prices. Security holograms not only make your existing packaging unique and attractive but also add a layer of security against any type of product counterfeiting.Kiranholographics is leading supplier and exporter of all kind of Security Holographic products in india. Products – Holographic Id Overlay, Holographic Flims, Transparent Holograms etc. Security Hologram stickers Variants-Generic Holograms, Chameleongram, Tamper Evident Hologram Stickers, Holographic Scratch labels, High Reflective Index (HRI)holographic flims, High Security Hologram, Supreme Security Hologram, Lithograms, Kinemax Hologram, Dot-matrix Holograms, Flip-Flop holograms.Leading Manufacturer and supplier of Holograms India.
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