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Hologram Stickers for Certificates • Hologram labels are self-adhesive pressure sensitive available die-cut on sheets 6x6 -100 sheets packing or in rolls and reels as per customs specific requirements poly bag and cartons export worthy packaging holograms also supplied in rolls/reels duly packed goods are exported in moisture proof packaging. Custom Security Hologram Stickers and Labels: Kiran Hologram performs function to secure or identify the product where it is placed, the best way to protect, identify and confirm authenticity of the product is to use holographic protection methods.Holographic stickers that have custom design using available security features, according to client's requests. Stickers can be printed on silver or gold foil. These stickers are destroyed while peeled off from the product. Features of Custom Security Hologram • Flip-Flop – image overlay on each other • Micro text/Nano text – text size of 5 to 100 micron, identified by special device or microscope • Guilloche – complex thin interlacing lines • Photo effect – use of photo picture on hologram • Hidden image (CLR) – image that can be seen only using device with laser beam • Lithography features Security Holograms are mainly used for: • product marking • warranty seals • security seals against package opening • brand identity • package identity • product authenticity • documents protection • certificates, bonds, tickets etc. • advertising materials
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