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Security Holograms & OVDs Security Holograms have become powerful & most effective tools in the prevention of counterfeiting of documents, labels, seals, tags, cards and packaging and a part of a rapidly global security industry’s armory. Security Hologram offers a wide variety of overt, covert and forensic feature which can be matched to different levels of security requirements, from those used in relatively low-cost commercial applications such as packaging, tags, labels, to a more sophisticated security method of protecting currency. They are used by various sectors as they provide them and consumer an solution to differentiate fake vs. genuine product. Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Companies and countries lose millions and consumers suffer from illness and even death because of counterfeit products and medicines. It is estimated in a recent study by the International Chamber of Commerce that by 2015 the global impact of counterfeiting and piracy would have reached $1.7 trillion and put 2.5 million legitimate jobs at risk annually. Every successful brand is copied to some extent and a brand’s success can at times be measured by the number of counterfeits available in the market place. This is flattery with poison – counterfeits cause no cash loss to the company, but counterfeits are like a virus and if left unchecked will destroy your brand. we use the latest holographic techniques to provide the best anti counterfeit protection for your brands and documents. Holograms are diffractive optical devices made with laser technology which cannot be copied, or electronically scanned or duplicated by any known printing method. Over the years they have proven to be the best defence against counterfeiting that is why over 90 countries use holograms on their currencies. We have latest technology holographic products available at reasonable prices in india. Hologram security used by many companies and prevent counterfeiting.
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