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USE OF DIGITAL TECNOLOGY TO TRACK N TRACE OF PRODUCT VIA MOBILE PHONE A new holographic feature called COMPASS. The combination of holography with a holoQR and compass is opening up new potential as an anti-counterfeit system for documents and products. One application is for smart labels, specifically an Internet of Things label (IoT) that combines anti-counterfeit holographic and other technologies with mobile authentication within a single product. The label can be used for a variety of consumer goods applications as well as legal and identity documents, providing at a glance important product information: nutritional or content information, use by date, manufacturer/distributor/supplier information, health warnings and safety data alongside compliance and contact details. It can also link to mobile devices as part of a brand loyalty programme, facilitating customer feedback and interaction and accommodating product and service updates., or offer instant verification and authentication of product or document originality via a mobile phone. Kiranholographics leading manufacturer of hologram sticker with latest technologies. Hologram with QR code is latest feature to Track n Trace products and very useful to connect with customer after sale. All Information and data stored in QR code with hologram can be decode by mobile phone easy application Scancode or QR Scanner.The best use of this feature The high rate of tax on tobacco and alcohol products makes them especially attractive to illicit traders and traffickers – the risks are high for the criminals but so are the rewards, so the use of holograms linked to tax stamp initiatives has to be seen as another track and trace application that can deliver all round benefits. We are the best hologram suppliers avail all latest technology in master of Hologram as well as holographic customized flims.This is Unique development by kiranholographics - hologram supplier, Security Holograms, Holographic Hot Stamping Foils, Scratch Hologram, Scratch Holograms, Holographic Aluminium Foils, Holographic Wads, Holographic Strip, Holographic Pouch, Holographic Shrink Sleeve, high security hologram, Color Hologram, Holographic Wide Web Film, Holographic Tear Tape, Holographic Lablel with QR Code, Text Tempered Holographic Seals, Holographic Aluminium Foil, hologram paper, 3 d hologram, Speciality holographic films, holographic labels, holographic printing, custom hologram, shrink film machine, hot stamping foils, seal label, hologram security stickers, void Hologram label, shrink sleeve label, laser readable holograms, hologram film, shrink film manufacturer in india.Manufacturer of 3D hologram, Lamination machine, 3D Hologram Projector and Holographic Projection films.
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