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We are Leading Exporter, Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Holographicwide web film in both PET and BOPP.Holographic Wide Web Films provide 100% security to the products against the threat of counterfeiting and duplicity by making them completely secure. Holographic Fresnel Lens Lamination Film are specially designed and manufactured using premium quality raw material and sophisticated printing technology for extensive utilization in packaging industry.It’s combats the risk of duplicity & increases the aesthetics of products.This is very useful for flexible packaging, lamination, printing, labels and gift wrappings etc. Lens films are currently used for cosmetic packaging and beverage cartons, as well as video games and recent blockbuster DVD releases, Liquor Bottles cartoons. These specialty films are created from Linear and Circular Fresnel lenses. A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that bend or reflect light like a thick lens . They can be made to either focus or spread light. These lenses are originated in our Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab using a diamond tool to cut facets into a metal mold. We have created a variety of stock lens patterns that are innovative in their active motion and 3D depth. We Manufacture 3D Holograms , Hologram Phone, Hologram App also.
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