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Name Plates by Laser Cutting Job work 300 Rs per hours .Laser machine cut upto 2 mm and wedding cards and decorative items will easily cut on machine with creative unique Laser cut on to thin Mdf , Acrylic sheet, Sun Board, fall celling designs with Laser mschine Jobwork Jaipur

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laser cutting job work at reasonable rates jaipur. Creative designs artwork by laser cutting projects models and home decor articles by laser cutting machine located at kiranholographics jaipur.. any laser cutting job get quick delivery within 2 hrs.

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Hot Stamping Holograms India Hot-stamping holograms are stamped easily on surfaces like paper, plastic, PVC etc. These types of holograms are ideal for large scale applications where holograms cannot be applied manually. All these hot-stamping holograms, once transferred on to the surface cannot be removed; it is like a permanent impression.

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Hologram Sticker Manufactures in India We , Kiranholographics, Hologram Sticker Manuacturer, Hologram Stickers exporter and supplier India, Transparent HologramStickers, Paper Labels with Holographic Strip and QRCode and allied Holographic Counterfiet Prevention Products. We also supply Holographic Lens flims, Holographic Sctrach labels, Security Holograms in sheet and Roll form.The Products we Offeredae of best technology, Quality and Reasonable, cost effective solutions.

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Kiranholographics started new division Laser Craft manufacturing of wall clocks and laser cutting Job work in Jaipur.Laser cutting jobwork at resaonable prices. We cut Mdf, acrylic and rubber, soft sheets by laser co2 our inhouse creative article production laser cutted wall clocks, home decor articles.Laser cutting machine jaipur.

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Holographic Scratch Coupons Holographic Scratch Coupons Kiranholographic creates Custom design Scratch Holographic Coupons with company Name, Logo.We Manufacture Scratch Hologram Stickers carrying Pin code, Password or other Information Under Holographic Scratch Coat. Hologram Scratch Coupons are safe and no chance to counterfeited by normal printing technique.It is broadly applied in various industries such as mobile Recharge, Lottery , FMCG, Pipes and fittings etc.Holographic Scratch Coupons is suitable for Promotion activities.

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FLIP-FLOP HOLOGRAM STICKERS Kiran Holographics trusted Hologram Sticker Manufacturer India, Exporter of Flip-Flop Hologram Sticker. Flip-Flop Hologram has True Color Picture with Text both Images will be seen at different angles.In Holographic we say Flip-Flop mean two images can be seen at different angles.We design Customised Hologram Artwork and we add Flip Flop Feature.Kiranholographics Dealing in Holographics since 2002 .Various products are as: 3D Hologram Manufacturers , Security Hologram exporter, Holographic Hot Stamping Foil, Holographic Film Manufacturer, Holographic sequin films|Stock Holograms|Holographic sticker manufacturers exporter, India 3D Hologram Manufacturers , Security hologram hologram Exporter, holograms, Holographic Hot Stamping Foil , Holographic Film Manufacturer, Holographic sequin films, Stock Holograms, Holographic sticker manufacturers, sequin, holographics sequin films, , holographic, holograma, Temper evident security labels, temper proof hologram, temper evident security labels, temper evident security holograms, ID holograms, Id cards hologram, Id card hologram, Security label , Security holograms, Security hologram labels, Hologram companies, holography companies, Hologramas, Holography , Hologram label, Hologram maker, Holograms maker, Hologram sticker , Hologram labels, Holographic labels , Hologram stickers, Hotstamping foil , Holographic sticker, Product protection , Fraud protection hologram, Product authentication , Stock hologram, Custom hologram , Custom holograms, holographic packaging film, holographic shrink sleeves, holographic hot stamping foil, holographic tape, holographic wads, holographic aluminum foil.

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Hologram Sticker Manufactures and Hologram Supplier India India’s most trusted supplier and Exporter of Holograms India.Hologram Master at lowest prices India.

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High Secure Paper Label Hologram Our special high quality paper label hologram with Holographic Strip. Used by many industries such as Auto parts, nutrition industry etc Supplier and Hologram exporter India

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Holographic Wide Web Flim And Holographic Wide Web Master Plate Kiranholographics Provides wide range of Holographic Wide Web Flims and Holographic Laminates that are available in various specifications as per the client needs. We use High Quality Raw material, high quality sef-adhesiveness, clarity, shine etc.We design special holographic Laminated Flims and Holographic Paper to curb counterfeiting and offer complete protection.Various sizes of rolls we have and these flims are available at economical prices used by various industries for holographic packaging, gift wrapping etc.Our products are of International standards and using designs of latest market trends. We export Huge quantity of Holographic Laminates, Holographics Papers, Hologram Wide Web Master Manufacturer India.