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artists working on hand painted clock 100% hand made.
latest yoyo wall clock painted by colours price @ 2100 rs per Clock. this is exclusive art time duration to develop one clock is 2-3 days.
Laser cutting on 100 power machine
2d/3d hologram with unique features such as flip-flop is supplied by kiranholographics all our india. 2d holograms are generally combined with two layers background and foreground logo with resolution of 1000 dpi max, 2d holograms are cost effective with limited security features.
Dot-matrix hologram has greater design flexibility then traditional forms of holography. Dot-matrix hologram consist of tiny dots or holopixels oriented at different angles and arranged in two dimensional array.Dot-matrix holograms are high brightness and resolution upto 3000 dots per Inches when white light falls on these holopixels it breaks up into spectrum of colours and redirect light at various angles and form a kinetic effect image. Dot-matrix hologram can be in corporate with hidden laser readable text, Holographic water marks, micro text ( as small as 12 micron in height) etc and many more security features.
Hologram Hot-Stamping Foil -----Hot-Stamping Foil is basically a Mulitilayer PET films with high resolution holographic Pattern or registered Hologram Image with thickness of 15-25 micron Polyster coated with special wax release Layer. This can be applied to Variety of Materials such as paper, Synthetic Leather, Plastic cards by Means of Heat and pressure. The Host surface can be Paper, Leather etc once applied cannot be removed ot transferred. We metalized the material by vacuum deposition of aluminum layer to make it scratch resisitant. There three categories by which Security hot-stamping foil appled:-- a) Registered Hologram Image with sensor Mark ---It has prominent Visual appeal to when incorporated to Product cost effective and not easy to remove once applied.We Put Single sensor on this High security hot-stamping foils to ease in its application by High speed automatic Stamping. It has particular Holographic Pattern. a) Un-Registered Hologram Image with sensor Mark:- It Has No Particular Holographic pattern or Holoimage . Can be be stamp easily due to its running pattern images.In this process waste will be less. b) Registered Hologram Image with Both side sensor marks :- This solution is customized for different machine setups to make application easy and to speed the accuracy in operations. This film rolls has multi sensors around image for detection.
Hologram manufacturers, supplier and exporter in India Latest custom made Holographic lens film are embossed and metallized on plastic film surface by hologram lens master by hologram embosser. It's plastic material which film thickness is 20um-200um. The main material is PET, OPP, CPP, PP, EVA or PVC. Color coating layer or aluminum layer improves shininess and decorative result of lens.. So hologram lens film is widely used for packaging and decoration industry, such as decorative lightings, Whisky and cosmetic cartoon boxes. These films are available in geometrical and custom made pattern in PET, OPP, CPP, PP, EVA or PVC. from 20 to 200 microns thickness, and up to 1200mm in width. Kiranholographics is supplier and exporter of Multi-lens (Fresnel Lens) that can only be embossed by special UV coating embossing machines because of its deep groove. Ordinary hologram embossing machines can only emboss shallow-groove hologram.
We are Leading Exporter, Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Holographicwide web film in both PET and BOPP.Holographic Wide Web Films provide 100% security to the products against the threat of counterfeiting and duplicity by making them completely secure. Holographic Fresnel Lens Lamination Film are specially designed and manufactured using premium quality raw material and sophisticated printing technology for extensive utilization in packaging industry.It’s combats the risk of duplicity & increases the aesthetics of products.This is very useful for flexible packaging, lamination, printing, labels and gift wrappings etc. Lens films are currently used for cosmetic packaging and beverage cartons, as well as video games and recent blockbuster DVD releases, Liquor Bottles cartoons. These specialty films are created from Linear and Circular Fresnel lenses. A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that bend or reflect light like a thick lens . They can be made to either focus or spread light. These lenses are originated in our Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab using a diamond tool to cut facets into a metal mold. We have created a variety of stock lens patterns that are innovative in their active motion and 3D depth. We Manufacture 3D Holograms , Hologram Phone, Hologram App also.
How Hologram Helps to Secure Brand ? 1) Hologram stickers are manufactured By complex process with High technology equipments. Holograms in india are used from Long time and user such as Govt Organisations benefit from it. 2) Extremely Difficult to copy and Scan. 3) Holograms Stickers are embossed on 36 micron polyster which is mettalised by silver coating and when glue added to it on layer it gives property of TAMPER EVIDENT. It is Self Desructive. 4) Large Investment is required to Start a Hologram Plant. 5) HOMAI ( Hologram Manufacture Assocation of India ) Registered each and every Hologram Image which is produced. Holographic Products – Kiranholographics Manufacturer all kind of Holographic Product and supplier od speciality flims, Security Holograms, Security Hologram, Holographic Hot Stamping Foils, Scratch Hologram, Scratch Holograms, Holographic Aluminium Foils, Holographic Wads, Holographic Wad, Holographic Strip, Holographic Pouch, Holographic Shrink Sleeve, Holographic Strips, Holographic Shrink Sleeves, Holographic Hot Stamping Foil, high security hologram, Color Hologram, Holographic Wide Web Film, Holographic Tear Tape, Holographic Lablel, Text Tempered Holographic Seals, Holographic Aluminium Foil, hot stamp foil , hologram paper, 3 d hologram, holographic films, holographic labels , hologram label, holographic printing, holographic label, custom hologram, shrink film machine, pvc shrink films, hot stamping foils , hologram seal, hologram security stickers , void label, shrink sleeve label, Speciality Holographic Flim Manufacturer.