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WHAT IS SECURITY HOLOGRAMS? As we see Hologram sticker on Currencies, Pan card, Driving license and Passport or Visa etc this shows holograms are authentic and reliable to use as govt. Use on property documents. Question is why is not copied because holographic technology works on laser light specialized technologies and advance equipments for Master Hologram. Now Hologram master is Image of companies logo in which Background of Hologram is made of High security Nano and Micro text and converted Images. No one can copy True colour Hologram image of company or MD of company which was of his earlier age when he had started his business. The true colour image of Hologram cannot be copied because Hologram cannot be Scanned. Images are stacked that each of the images are alternatively visible depending on the angle of perspective of the viewer. Holograms are attractive, colourful, Tamper-evident if some one try to reuse it is not possible. Now every industries in india and across globe using hologram for classify his brand in market and protect from counterfeiters. Benefits of Holograms on Uasage on Products and Protected documents. Security Holograms authenticate your Brand They promote Brand Recognition Classify your Brand from counterfeit market Hard to Duplicate Help in promoting your Brand amongst the target consumers Easily Tamper Evident PROCESS TO CREATE HOLOGRAMS ? Various Process are used to Produce Holograms. 1) Master Plate of Hologram is Made using special optical instruments and Laser Light at different frequencies. 2) Pre-Printing process is done in two ways – Electroforming or recombination of Master Hologram Image. 3) Embossing – an impression or Master Image replica is embossed on Holographic Polyester Flim colour of Holographic Flim choosed by Customers Silver/Golden/Blue/Copper/red Holographic flim etc. 4)Lamination of Holographic Polyester Flim with Glue Hot-met and Water Base with Wax coated Paper. 5) Die-cutting Process – We cut Holograms with Laser die-cutting Machine as shape choose by customers. 6) Sorting of Holograms – Our quality manager check the printing and cutting of Holograms as well as glue then remove less printed or defective Holograms And pack in 100 sheet packets ready to dispatch. WHY TO CHOOSE KIRANHOLOGRAPHICS ? Our Skilled and qualified experts are trained and experience of Production min 10-12 years, We use latest Ultra Mordern technology Machines in our Hologram Plant best meet out International standards. Our customers trusts us from Last 15 years in this industries. Government and many industries across globe without any fear of duplication by counterfeiters in Market. Our Security Holograms possess High resolution with perfect Printing and rates are very pocket friendly. INDUSTRIAL USERS OF HOLOGRAM STICKERS ? Defense Banks Education Government Retail Industries Plastic Industries Automobile Industries Cosmetics Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Electronic Industries Food and Beverage Industries Packaging Industries Metal Industries Glass Industries Toy Industries Stationery Industries ENQUIRY For Further Inquiries One Must Visit Our Website
Kiranholographics suggest new feature to our customers to Track and Trace Holographic Stickers by two ways: INKJET SEQUENTIAL SERIAL NUMBERING & LASER ETCHING on Holograms Inkjet Serial Numbering & Laser serial numbering etching on hologram. Customers can provide any Alpha numeric Number series or random nos can be print by Thermal ribbon or etched by laser. This is very easy way to track and trace security holograms with random serial nos. Kiranholographics deals in Hologram Machine , Lamination machine Machine , Holographic Display, Holographic Projectors, Hologram Hot-stamping foils, Holographics Flims all colors and Transparent ID cards. We offer complete Hologram Machine manufacturer Plant and Holoogram automatic applicators in India
Track and Trace Hologram with UV Ink Numbering As product sanctity faces some of its major threats due to counterfeiting. Technology’s ability to integrate numerous data forms and tracking information has become progressively important and commercially acceptable, to protect brands and documents. New evolving hologram manufacturing techniques and blends of other evident verification tools with hologram technology has produced a new refined generation of optical security devices that syndicate ease of recognition benefits with significantly better resistance to counterfeits. Track and trace Security Hologram or holographic labels using UV ink numbering are one such simply accessible protection technique that has emerged to become one of the most effective, handy, anti-counterfeiting measures. One of the key features being is the ink used in the holographs. UV printing ink is invisible under ordinary light and copying it is not possible. If the hologram held under UV light or so-called black light, the logo, design features or text appears in blue, red or green/yellow fluorescent colors. It enables users to generate unique sequential, encrypted or random serial numbers. These are then printed onto hologram stickers that can be linked to individual items while packaging. Through a unique code products can be interlinked hence allowing the item to be tracked or monitored throughout the supply chain: from production, packaging to the end-user. Hence creating a flexible database with unique product history. At Kiranholographics, we believe in providing exceptional security solutions to our customers and understand how important it is for a company to protect brand originality and keep track of its products throughout the supply chain. Hence, with latest holographic technology we create industries best hologram stickers, 3D holograms, security stickers, labels, custom hologram stickers and many more to cater your needs and help protect products from counterfeiting at reasonable prices to meet your requirements. So, be a part of our huge family of satisfied customers who have trusted in India’s leading hologram manufacturers and exporters, Kiranholographics. For orders or free quote contact us via email … KIRANHOLOGRAPHICS@GMAIL.COM Alternatively, connect with us instantly through WhatsApp at -+91-9928911181 Or call us on…………………………
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Safeguard your products with hologram stickers As the competition exiting in the market is getting intense over the time, the case of replication and duplication has become very common. Today, without Holograms it is very hard to safeguard the products from such problems. The problem is not new and even if you not running a business, you must have seen products get duplicated and the replica of that is sold in the market on the reputation of the original product. Every brand has a loyal customer segment, and it gives negative impact on reputation of the brand. Hologram labels are the right option to protect your business from delicacy and make them look different. The adverse effect of duplicity affects the sale badly such as the sale of the original product drops down, and the brand also loses the goodwill as the duplicate product belongs to poor quality. Security hologram stickers provide a unique identity and mark of identification, so that buyer can differentiate the original and duplicate product. Holograms offer security, authentication and protection against counterfeit. 3D hologram stickers support a brand to deal with such false practices effectively and protect the goodwill. As the problem of counterfeit is increasing at the rapid gait, there are many hologram exporters comes up to protect the business thought the attractive and different hologram stickers. Customers are more educated and aware today. The trend of security hologram stickers has been increasing over the years, and many industries are taking Holograms as a necessity. Whether its software manufacturers, passport producer, manufacturers, credit card companies, CD producers, or any other business area, hologram labels are used by everyone. Different types of 3D hologram stickers or ordinary security hologram stickers are made for different type of surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, leather or paper for good adherence. There is a large number of Hologram manufactures in India who makes hologram stickers in different sizes, shapes and forms for a wide range of products. Such stickers are stuck on the products to protect them from being counterfeited. All the particulars available on the hologram are manufactured using coherent light resources like laser beam and electric beam. There are many methods such as coating; finishing and embossing are employed in manufacturing of hologram stickers. Holograms cannot be copied by anyone. Hologram suppliers use prismatic lights on the labels, hence they look attractive and provide a glittering rainbow shine. Apart from the ordinary security hologram stickers, there are many 3D hologram stickers available in the market that displays a certain type of light. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business.
Decorate the product with Hot Stamping foil. Hot stamping foil is used to adorn items with different designs. The Process is famous with many different names such as leaf stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, and tamper hologram stickers. Under the procedure, hologram manufacturers in Delhi use a heated metal stamp to adhere to metallic or matte foil to a paper or plastic. The main advantage of the process is, the end result is highly glossy and smooth. Don’t think that it will consume much time to get dry. The final Tamper hologram stickers do not require drying time and just require hologram id machinery. Hot stamping foil is useful in creating personalized license plate accessories, decorative stationary and picture frames. Hologram machinery is used to create different type of hologram stickers both ordinary hologram labels or Tamper hologram stickers. The holographic image projection system use video projection to project fascinating 3-D hologram effects on a screen, and states musion eyeliner. You will get a wide variety of holograms with Hologram manufactures in Bangalore. The advantages of holograms in Ahemdabad are as follows- Attractive and complicated designs :Holograms help in product branding and making it look different from others. The hologram effect enables the imprinted panel of the merchandise stand up to scrutiny in the special light. This valuable feature of Holograms in Mumbai help customer to decide whether the product you purchase is authentic or not. Anti Tamper Effect :When a person tampers with the symbol on the packages, whether it is seal or watermark, a hologram effect will quickly show you this incongruity. You can use Tamper hologram stickers for complete protection, and the main benefit is you can use a tamper proof hologram label only one time. So, when you open a package, it self destructs and protects it from resealing or reuse. However, all hologram manufactures in Delhi creates tamper-proof holograms but some Hologram manufactures in Bangalore make a special “VOID” which leaves behind when you remove a label. The holograms increase the integrity of the manufacturers and safety of the customers. Many holograms in Ahemdabad also inserted a micro or cryptic text on the good, which a customer can easily identify with a laser pointer and verify. Brand Identity :Holograms can also use to investigate how the image will be appeared. The effect helps with identification problems and protects your identity from theft or fraud. 3Dhologramstickers, hologramexporters, hologramid, hologramlabels, hologrammachinery, HologrammanufacturesinBangalore, hologrammanufacturesindelhi, hologrammanufacturesinindia, Holograms, Hologramsin Mumbai, hologramsinahemdabad., HologramsIndia, hologramstickers, Hologramsuplliers, Hot-stampingfoil, securityhologramstickers, Tamperhologramstickers, hologram video, 3D hologram app
Types of Holograms Produced By Kiranholographics 1) Kinematic Holograms Kinematic Holograms to our noted clients based across the nation. These hologram stickers are used protection on various products or brands from forgery. The holograms that we manufacture are known for their long life and easy usage. User friendly holograms help the hologram printer to print easily. Further, these can be availed at industry leading prices.Using high quality raw material, we manufacture and supply prominent range of Advantages : Tamper evident holograms Effective combination of security and attractive appearance Can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection Available in wide varieties of colors and patterns Easy to use Available in wide range of finishing 2) 2D/3D - Holograms We create and develop highly technological 3D Holograms that are very useful in combating against security issues, which include theft, counterfeited products and fraudulent documents. We are involved in the manufacturing of a broad line of products that includes simple 3D Holograms for small businesses to complex and special hologram devices for the Government and Corporations. 2D/3D Holograms are made up of multiple two dimensional layers with hologram images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. It has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer. We manufacture Holograms in any shape & sizes as per client required description. 3D Holograms : The multi-dimensional images will appear in 3D Holograms when held under certain light. These insure authentication, protection and taxation. The "parallax" is a unique feature of the 3D Holograms, which is the ability to see a scene and colors from many angles and depths. The colorful effect on the holograms comes from microstructures within the holographic tape, which cause diffraction of the light hitting them. We produces 3D hologram stickers, 3D hologram labels, transparent hologram ID card, 3D holograms masters, and 3D holograms equipment. We supply 3D holograms and labels to a wide range of customers in teh government and the private companies segment. Production Process : Hologram stickers offered by us are manufactured in the form of long sheets with silicon release papers. These stickers meet the requirements of companies and also help them in securing and retaining the genuineity of the products and documents. These stickers are provided with good depth that maintain the originality of products. Our 3D/2D hologram stickers are designed keeping in view two dimensional layers with images through the visual intact. The 3-dimensional images are not very easily replicated. Use of Technology : In recent times, the discovery of "Rainbow Transmission" technique in the field of hologram, sticker manufacturing has further made the duplication of the product difficult. In this technique, surface print is used on plastic film that is followed by aluminum mirror coating. This helps in generating 3-Dimensional effect, thus making it extensively used in many security applications including - Credit cards Security tags 3) LASER DOT-MATRIX HOLOGRAMS-- Laser Dot Matrix Holograms to our noted clients based across the nation. These hologram stickers are used protection on various products or brands from forgery. The holograms that we manufacture are known for their long life and easy usage. User friendly holograms help the hologram printer to print easily. Further, these can be availed at industry leading prices.Using high quality raw material, we manufacture and supply prominent range of Advantages : Tamper evident holograms Effective combination of security and attractive appearance Can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection Available in wide varieties of colors and patterns Easy to use Available in wide range of finishing 4) E-BEAM HOLOGRAMS--- E-Beam Holograms to our noted clients based across the nation. These hologram stickers are used protection on various products or brands from forgery. The holograms that we manufacture are known for their long life and easy usage. User friendly holograms help the hologram printer to print easily. Further, these can be availed at industry leading prices.Using high quality raw material, we manufacture and supply prominent range of Advantages : Tamper evident holograms Effective combination of security and attractive appearance Can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection Available in wide varieties of colors and patterns Easy to use Available in wide range of finishing 5) ADVANCE HOLOGRAMS--- Being noted name in producing and supplying Holograms, we offer also offer Advanced Holograms. We manufacture and export the best holograms as we have an in-built multi-facility testing lab to ensure zero defect products. These labels are printed with utmost care in adherence with international quality standards. The printing of these codes is done by our skilled professionals as specified by the clients. Barcodes are scanned with devices like barcode readers to input the data stored in the codes of the objects. Types of Holograms : Multiplex Hologram Stereogram Plane Holograms Reflection Hologram Embossed Holograms Integral Hologram Volume Holograms Rainbow Holograms Transmission Hologram 6) INSTANT HOLOGRAMS-- The instant holograms are supplied to clients who need immediate stock. Our range of instant holograms can be supplied in any quantity as required on the same day. These holograms are also supplied when the order is of maximum quantity and the customization is not possible. All the instant holograms are tested on stringent security parameters before dispatching them. Available in variety of colors and patterns, these holograms are cost effective solution for protection against duplication. Features of Instant Holograms : No lead time edge Manufactured using high quality material No need of origination charges Highly resistant Types of Instant Holograms : Instant transparent holograms Instant holograms stickers Instant hologram labels Advanced holograms Hot stamping holograms Holographic tapes Holographic strips
Hologram Suppliers and exporters in India HOLOGRAM STICKERS Counterfeiters only attack successful brand. Therefore, a brand’s success can at times be measured by the number of counterfeits available in the market place. We, Kiranholographics use the latest holographic techniques to provide the best anti-counterfeit protection. Hologram stickers are widely used in almost all sectors to prevent duplicity and imitation of the original brand.Holograms are diffractive optical devices made with laser technology which cannot be copied, or electronically scanned or duplicated by any known printing method. Over the years they have proven to be the best defense against counterfeiting that is why over 90 countries use holograms on their currencies. At, Kiranholographics, we have continuous R& D program and offers a wide range of authentication products to combat counterfeiting that helps to protect brands and documents. Being a pioneer & leading manufacturer, we have developed many solutions to combat counterfeiting, duplication, product diversion, etc. The hologram stickers offered by us ensure complete security and an eye-catching appeal to the customers. Our Hologram also has unique optical properties that make them impossible to copy or scan. We have a wide range of holograms to offer like: • ✔ 2D/3D Hologram Sticker • ✔ Tamper Proof Hologram Sticker • ✔ Hologram Warranty Sticker • ✔ Promotional Hologram Sticker • ✔ Self Adhesive Hologram Sticker 2D/3D Hologram Stickers 2D/3D Holograms are made up of multiple two-dimensional layers with hologram images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. It has a very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on the first layer. Such Images usually consists of thin lines that can be seen at large angles of diffraction. Virtually any existing design or logo can be made into a 2D / 3D hologram with depth and parallax. Kiranholographics use latest technologies like “Rainbow Transmission” & “Denisyuk” for manufacturing 2D/3D hologram stickers. Our 2D/3D hologram stickers offer real-time solutions to manufacturers to stop duplicity. Two-dimensional layers with images are used in our 2D/3D hologram stickers. Our 2D/3D hologram stickers add value to your products and protect the brand identity at all levels. This also helps in increasing the reliance on the products that they are genuine and establishes company’s name in the market. We provide the best quality and long lasting line of 2D/3D holographic stickers that serves all your purposes and helps in securing the products. We manufacture Holograms in any shape & sizes. We can also work with you to create customized 2D/3D. Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical, Education, Government, Electronics and Automobile Tamper-Proof Hologram Stickers Tamper-Proof Hologram Stickers, the ones which leave behind a mark like a logo, or an image, or any other texts like “OPENED” or ”VOID” and “CHECKERBOARD PATTERNS” when anyone tries to remove it. They consist of a fragile face stock and strong adhesive which leaves a mark as a proof of tampering. Kiranholographics offers these holograms with a unique feature that once affixed at the required place, any attempt to remove it will lead to its destruction. Some of these hologram stickers are very brittle and are self-destruct when tampered. In some cases, it leaves behind a residue or sticky substance after they are peeled away. The Tamper-Proof Holograms are suitable for promotional and product identification applications. Advanced quality materials and adhesives are being utilized in designing these holograms by us. Our assortment of holograms is highly secured as it cannot be contaminated or removed and if any individual tries to remove it, this results in separation of the uppermost layer of the film. To meet various industrial safety and identification requirements, we can customize these holograms in distinguished sizes, shapes, design and color combinations. Also, can be supplied in Roll Form or Sheet Form with 24/36 micron thickness. Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical, Education, Government, Electronics, Automobile and FMCG Hologram Warranty Stickers Warranty is a written statement which is directly associated with the sale and purchase of the product. Every buyer of any specific product will look on the warranty label to find out whether the product is given the warranty by the manufacturer. If you buy any product without the warranty sticker, it means that that warranty has been forged or that product manufacturer is not offering any warranty. This is true in the case of local products which are manufactured and sold without any kind of warranty labels. In the recent times, there have been many instances where the reseller of a particular product has tried to tamper the warranty sticker and replaced it with a duplicate sticker. Kiranholographics offer a wide range of Warranty Hologram Stickers, which can be used in diverse industries for security and branding purposes. Easy to apply, these hologram stickers are self-adhesive and tamper evident. They can be used on various substrates to help protect, secure and authenticate different items. Any tampering attempt can be identified easily as the stickers cannot be removed without destroying. We use the latest technology & virtually impossible to duplicate or replicate. We also custom design these hologram stickers in different sizes with company's name and logo. Applicable Industry Automobile (Tyres), Electronics Promotional Hologram Stickers Promotional Holograms can be used for advertising & sales or brand promotion. They can also be used as give away in trade fairs, as memento, keepsakes, tokens and on magazines, brochures covers, greeting cards. Promotional Holograms can have very attractive visual elements and graphic designs thus making them highly effective for promotional purpose as well. Kiranholographics customized promotional hologram stickers offer full-color printing (CMYK) with a subtle, metallic, reflective holographic background, providing crisp image quality and a premium look. Laminated with a protective clear film for added durability, your stickers can be die-cut any custom size or shape. The promotional hologram sticker is a completely new and innovative holographic sticker. Lasersec Technologies take necessary steps to maintain exceptional quality standards. We use the latest technology to ensure the delivery of promotional holographic stickers. Also, can be supplied in Roll Form or Sheet Form with 24/36 micron thickness. Applicable Industry FMCG and Pipes & Fittings Self-Adhesive Hologram Stickers In self-adhesive labels with holograms, the hologram strip is transferred on the stickers to provide uniqueness with complete security. These security stickers can also be integrated with security inks like UV inks, serial numbering etc. Self Adhesive Authentication Marking, this is the classic sticker ideal for general-purpose use. Also used in a wide range of applications from product marking to general-purpose promotional labeling. Made from the polyester film, making it a very versatile product, available in various thickness 23, 36 and 50 micron, in silver as standard, gold and other colors on special request (volume quantities apply). Delivery formats - kiss-cut labels on a roll, sheet or individually cut or as a continuous tape. With the help of our experts, Kiranholographics offers a comprehensive range of Self-Adhesive Hologram Stickers at competitive prices. These stickers are available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions and widely used for providing security to products, packaging, and documents. Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Education, Government, Electronics and Automobile Anti-Counterfeit Labels Kiranholographics uses advanced technologies in manufacturing anti-counterfeit labels. Verification of anti-counterfeit label is completed easily in seconds, without having a use of the tool, just by simply moving the label to an angle relevant to the eye. The label’s customized translucent gray image makes this possible with an optically variable device (OVD), an overt safety feature which comes into sight to ‘float’ above or ‘sink’ below the facade of the label and then disappear as the viewing angle changes. Because of the overt technology used by us, images can be verified in most lighting conditions. We can place any information on the label; evidently depending on the size of the label and also the volume of the data. The new floating image is the addition security feature provided by us. These labels may be made tamper-evident to indicate any attempt to transfer or remove the label. We can customize & design labels according to the requirement. Applicable Industry Apparel, Automotive, FMCG, Pipes & Fittings, Education, Electronics, Government and Pharmaceutical Holographic Barcode Labels Kiranholographics expertise and focus on developing innovative & world-class barcode labels and allied holographic effect. We customize holographic image with self-adhesive printed labels with other features for security & traceability. Holographic splendor is integrated with a barcode, the sequential number, printed by invisible ink, thermochromic ink etc. to make it attractive and highly secure. These labels can be used for the packaging of products for imparting vital information like the brand owner, manufacturing details, barcodes and serial nos etc. In addition to this, with these labels you can track the goods, also helps to keep a check on the quality of the product. We use complex holographic techniques and premium quality raw material. Because of the complexity involved during the manufacturing process, these labels cannot be duplicated. After being manufactured, a team of experienced professionals tests the entire range on various defined parameters. We offer Plain Barcode Labels, Pre-Printed Barcode Labels & also Product Barcode Labels, in different colors and designs as per the specific preferences. Applicable Industry Automobile, Apparel, Electronics, FMCG and Pipes & Fittings Holographic Cut Labels Kiranholographics specialize in manufacturing custom cut labels and also design fused edge cut labels in different sizes from 10mm to 50mm with eight different colors. We manufacture holographic cut labels with a backing sheet to give them a base which provides support to the label and also sustain it from getting damage. The surface of the backing sheet is coated with an adhesive so that it can adhere to any package or container. We also have a wide range of facilities to produce custom labels, in a timely manner. Our Holographic Cut Labels can help manufacturers to keep product intact from counterfeit and safeguard the brand. We adopt the latest technology to design custom holographic cut labels that can fit any size of containers of packages. Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical Holographic Pharmaceutical Labels Kiranholographics have specifically designed Holographic Pharma Labels to seal the pharmaceutical products impeccably. These labels are made by employment of advanced printing techniques. Therefore, printed using high-grade printing material and high definition machines.We also take necessary measures to design these labels as per the specific requirement. We use advanced laser technology that cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters. Since we have the whole process automated, the delivery can be made on a short notice. We are always committed to offer high-quality products. We ensure that strict standards are followed at every step so that expectations of the pharmaceutical manufacturer for pharma labels doesn’t fall short. A separate quality assurance team ensures that every batch manufactured by the company are faultless so that best quality is offered. Additionally, every sequential step is being checked under quality control points so that no mistake is committed at any step of manufacturing pharma labels. Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical