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WHAT IS SECURITY HOLOGRAMS? As we see Hologram sticker on Currencies, Pan card, Driving license and Passport or Visa etc this shows holograms are authentic and reliable to use as govt. Use on property documents. Question is why is not copied because holographic technology works on laser light specialized technologies and advance equipments for Master Hologram. Now Hologram master is Image of companies logo in which Background of Hologram is made of High security Nano and Micro text and converted Images. No one can copy True colour Hologram image of company or MD of company which was of his earlier age when he had started his business. The true colour image of Hologram cannot be copied because Hologram cannot be Scanned. Images are stacked that each of the images are alternatively visible depending on the angle of perspective of the viewer. Holograms are attractive, colourful, Tamper-evident if some one try to reuse it is not possible. Now every industries in india and across globe using hologram for classify his brand in market and protect from counterfeiters. Benefits of Holograms on Uasage on Products and Protected documents. Security Holograms authenticate your Brand They promote Brand Recognition Classify your Brand from counterfeit market Hard to Duplicate Help in promoting your Brand amongst the target consumers Easily Tamper Evident PROCESS TO CREATE HOLOGRAMS ? Various Process are used to Produce Holograms. 1) Master Plate of Hologram is Made using special optical instruments and Laser Light at different frequencies. 2) Pre-Printing process is done in two ways – Electroforming or recombination of Master Hologram Image. 3) Embossing – an impression or Master Image replica is embossed on Holographic Polyester Flim colour of Holographic Flim choosed by Customers Silver/Golden/Blue/Copper/red Holographic flim etc. 4)Lamination of Holographic Polyester Flim with Glue Hot-met and Water Base with Wax coated Paper. 5) Die-cutting Process – We cut Holograms with Laser die-cutting Machine as shape choose by customers. 6) Sorting of Holograms – Our quality manager check the printing and cutting of Holograms as well as glue then remove less printed or defective Holograms And pack in 100 sheet packets ready to dispatch. WHY TO CHOOSE KIRANHOLOGRAPHICS ? Our Skilled and qualified experts are trained and experience of Production min 10-12 years, We use latest Ultra Mordern technology Machines in our Hologram Plant best meet out International standards. Our customers trusts us from Last 15 years in this industries. Government and many industries across globe without any fear of duplication by counterfeiters in Market. Our Security Holograms possess High resolution with perfect Printing and rates are very pocket friendly. INDUSTRIAL USERS OF HOLOGRAM STICKERS ? Defense Banks Education Government Retail Industries Plastic Industries Automobile Industries Cosmetics Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Electronic Industries Food and Beverage Industries Packaging Industries Metal Industries Glass Industries Toy Industries Stationery Industries ENQUIRY For Further Inquiries One Must Visit Our Website
Kiranholographics suggest new feature to our customers to Track and Trace Holographic Stickers by two ways: INKJET SEQUENTIAL SERIAL NUMBERING & LASER ETCHING on Holograms Inkjet Serial Numbering & Laser serial numbering etching on hologram. Customers can provide any Alpha numeric Number series or random nos can be print by Thermal ribbon or etched by laser. This is very easy way to track and trace security holograms with random serial nos. Kiranholographics deals in Hologram Machine , Lamination machine Machine , Holographic Display, Holographic Projectors, Hologram Hot-stamping foils, Holographics Flims all colors and Transparent ID cards. We offer complete Hologram Machine manufacturer Plant and Holoogram automatic applicators in India
Track and Trace Hologram with UV Ink Numbering As product sanctity faces some of its major threats due to counterfeiting. Technology’s ability to integrate numerous data forms and tracking information has become progressively important and commercially acceptable, to protect brands and documents. New evolving hologram manufacturing techniques and blends of other evident verification tools with hologram technology has produced a new refined generation of optical security devices that syndicate ease of recognition benefits with significantly better resistance to counterfeits. Track and trace Security Hologram or holographic labels using UV ink numbering are one such simply accessible protection technique that has emerged to become one of the most effective, handy, anti-counterfeiting measures. One of the key features being is the ink used in the holographs. UV printing ink is invisible under ordinary light and copying it is not possible. If the hologram held under UV light or so-called black light, the logo, design features or text appears in blue, red or green/yellow fluorescent colors. It enables users to generate unique sequential, encrypted or random serial numbers. These are then printed onto hologram stickers that can be linked to individual items while packaging. Through a unique code products can be interlinked hence allowing the item to be tracked or monitored throughout the supply chain: from production, packaging to the end-user. Hence creating a flexible database with unique product history. At Kiranholographics, we believe in providing exceptional security solutions to our customers and understand how important it is for a company to protect brand originality and keep track of its products throughout the supply chain. Hence, with latest holographic technology we create industries best hologram stickers, 3D holograms, security stickers, labels, custom hologram stickers and many more to cater your needs and help protect products from counterfeiting at reasonable prices to meet your requirements. So, be a part of our huge family of satisfied customers who have trusted in India’s leading hologram manufacturers and exporters, Kiranholographics. For orders or free quote contact us via email … KIRANHOLOGRAPHICS@GMAIL.COM Alternatively, connect with us instantly through WhatsApp at -+91-9928911181 Or call us on…………………………
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