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Void Hologram label is an tamper proof Hologram sticker which contains client specifications or registered hologram image when apply to any product surface. If end user tamper the Hologram “VOID VOID” mark remains on image. Kiranholographics provide an additional security to fight against counterfeiting of genuine products.User will unable to reapply it , The sticker shows :VOID” Indicating the seal of security is already broken. In this pressure Tamper evident Holographic label Honey comb pattern can also be produce by us.
Shop online our products on with special discounts. We are leading manufactures and exporters of Laser craft Articles such as wall clocks. In few months we will update with 500 plus new unique designs with lastest trends of designs. We have our own design house with international designers for our products. Our popular brans name is YOYO which is registered Trade Mark. Our products avail to buy online on ---
laser crafts are new to India as usually we see wall clocks in our houses are with same ordinary glass dial. now yoyo wall clocks come up with new trendy clocks in India .our plant is located in jaipur Rajasthan. beautiful floral clock easy to clean we already laminate the print with high quality 3 M laminate. soon coming up we new yoyo clocks in jaipur
Revitalize your walls with this exquisite wall clock in beige color. Add to cart this classy wall clock which promises a mesmerizing transformation to your wall. This is a smart piece which has been made with MDF material with beige color in base. It comes with a lady in red print on base and with Roman numerals which together add an elegant look to it. This is a round dial wall clock in 298 mm size with 5.5 mm thickness. You can match it with the interiors of your living room, drawing room or bedroom. This is also an amazing choice of gift to friends and family.
Co2 laser cutting machine is best for non- metal cutting . accuracy of cutting is +- .0.01 % error. The speed of cutting depends on thickness of material. machine follow simple principal power and speed combination. more details visit :
3D illusion promotional hologram images are recreated from a scale model or live subject that produces real depth and clarity with stunning rainbow colour and gives ones brand product an esthetic looks. Many promotional holograms used for jewellery, wall hangings, key chains etc. Promotional holograms self appeal and attract attention of consumers. We can shoot any live 3D model hologram of any character it can be a cricketer or cartoon character. Highly recommended for brand promotion purposes and kiranholographics manufacturer very high quality real depth 3d holograms.
Kind of Hologram Master Plates : How we Do Hologram Image Origination: The core scientific Principle being that Beams of Light can be split up and when passes through lenses at different angles produces an interference Pattern which got registered as image on glass plate . Hologram master Origination is a Piece of Nickel mold which plays security key in hologram manufacturing. Which helps in defending counterfeiting of fake products. Kiranholographics originate master plates from latest Technology machines such as --- Dot-matrix master Origination , Kinemax etc. We provide combination of different security features like Micro text, Nano Text, Guilloche Lines, CLR Image, Kinetic effects, Animated Concelaed laser readable text, Lens effects , Raster effect etc. 1) 2D/3D – Hologram Master Plate: 2D/3D Hologram master Image is developed by laser Optical recording in which two interference beams intersect together and form colouful image with 3D depth. 2) Dot-matrix Hologram Master Plate: Dot-matrix Hologram image origination allows unlimited computer control by using high tech designing softwares and laser beam tiny millions of grating dots at different viewing angles are accurately recorded results a high resolution hologram image very eye catching and reflecting white light at all angles. 3) True Color Hologram: True Color Hologram Master Image id formed by Photographic quality Portrait or any image with black and white colors artwork. This is very Unique feature if counterfeiter cannot get original portrait, they won’t be able to duplicate similar hologram close to original one. 4) E-Beam Hologram : Exactly the e-beam technology of hologram origination is used in products as security applications. This technique is to provide high resolution for nano features and vivid and sharp images. By using E-beam hologram technique, we can also add color control and animated hidden text and images to make it more authentic. Our E-beam Holograms incorporate security elements that cannot be manufactured using other technologies. E-beam technology creates originals of computer-synthesized e-beam holograms with high level of protection parameters. 5) Flip-Flop Hologram: In flip-Flop Master generates feature to display two or more images from different angles.The viewing angle changes Horizontally (left to Right) or vertically (upside and down) different images evolve through hologram label.
Safeguard your products with hologram stickers As the competition exiting in the market is getting intense over the time, the case of replication and duplication has become very common. Today, without Holograms it is very hard to safeguard the products from such problems. The problem is not new and even if you not running a business, you must have seen products get duplicated and the replica of that is sold in the market on the reputation of the original product. Every brand has a loyal customer segment, and it gives negative impact on reputation of the brand. Hologram labels are the right option to protect your business from delicacy and make them look different. The adverse effect of duplicity affects the sale badly such as the sale of the original product drops down, and the brand also loses the goodwill as the duplicate product belongs to poor quality. Security hologram stickers provide a unique identity and mark of identification, so that buyer can differentiate the original and duplicate product. Holograms offer security, authentication and protection against counterfeit. 3D hologram stickers support a brand to deal with such false practices effectively and protect the goodwill. As the problem of counterfeit is increasing at the rapid gait, there are many hologram exporters comes up to protect the business thought the attractive and different hologram stickers. Customers are more educated and aware today. The trend of security hologram stickers has been increasing over the years, and many industries are taking Holograms as a necessity. Whether its software manufacturers, passport producer, manufacturers, credit card companies, CD producers, or any other business area, hologram labels are used by everyone. Different types of 3D hologram stickers or ordinary security hologram stickers are made for different type of surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, leather or paper for good adherence. There is a large number of Hologram manufactures in India who makes hologram stickers in different sizes, shapes and forms for a wide range of products. Such stickers are stuck on the products to protect them from being counterfeited. All the particulars available on the hologram are manufactured using coherent light resources like laser beam and electric beam. There are many methods such as coating; finishing and embossing are employed in manufacturing of hologram stickers. Holograms cannot be copied by anyone. Hologram suppliers use prismatic lights on the labels, hence they look attractive and provide a glittering rainbow shine. Apart from the ordinary security hologram stickers, there are many 3D hologram stickers available in the market that displays a certain type of light. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business.
We are Leading Exporter, Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Holographicwide web film in both PET and BOPP.Holographic Wide Web Films provide 100% security to the products against the threat of counterfeiting and duplicity by making them completely secure. Holographic Fresnel Lens Lamination Film are specially designed and manufactured using premium quality raw material and sophisticated printing technology for extensive utilization in packaging industry.It’s combats the risk of duplicity & increases the aesthetics of products.This is very useful for flexible packaging, lamination, printing, labels and gift wrappings etc. Lens films are currently used for cosmetic packaging and beverage cartons, as well as video games and recent blockbuster DVD releases, Liquor Bottles cartoons. These specialty films are created from Linear and Circular Fresnel lenses. A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that bend or reflect light like a thick lens . They can be made to either focus or spread light. These lenses are originated in our Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab using a diamond tool to cut facets into a metal mold. We have created a variety of stock lens patterns that are innovative in their active motion and 3D depth. We Manufacture 3D Holograms , Hologram Phone, Hologram App also.