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About Us KiranHolographics is a fast growing name in the industry of Holograms. Security Hologram Stickers is Our Main selling Product .Our product line includes holographic labels, holographic security holograms, advanced hologram, holographic products, hot-stamping holograms, holographic tapes and many more. In addition to all these, we are also expert in customizing the holograms as per the client’s requirements. There have been some additions in our product line- holographic ID Overlay, Holograms for Pharma sector and Holographic machinery. We have been a company who has popularized the use of 3D custom holograms in market. We are working with a mission to offer our global clients the latest and the most advanced solutions in holography Including 3D Holographic Boxes and Live Holostage. Hologram Labels and Stickers We offer an exotic assortment of Holograms Stickers & Labels, which symbolizes the originality of the brand. These labels are designated by making use of premium grade materials and sophisticated printing techniques ensuring appealing appearance and offering complete security to the brand. The labels are provided with unique identity eradicating the possibility of duplicity and imitation of the novel brand. We pattern these labels and stickers in customized designs, shapes (oval, rounded corner, square, rectangular and round), sizes (varies between 10x10mm and 150x150mm), colors and patterns as per the requirements of our clients. Hologram Sheets IT is provided with unique serial number for security purpose and idyllic for manual application. No gap is needed for square hologram, but 3mm gap is essential for rounded corner and circular hologram. Tamper Holograms The Tamper Holograms are suitable for promotional and product identification applications. Advanced quality materials and adhesives are being utilized in designing these holograms. Our assortment of holograms is highly secured as it cannot be contaminated or removed and if any individual tries to remove it, this results into separation of the uppermost layer of the film. To meet various industrial safety and identification requirements, these holograms can be customized in distinguished sizes, shapes, design and color combinations. Instant Holograms The Instant Holograms are used when an urgent requirement arises. These holograms are designed in different design patterns by using advanced holography techniques and graded materials. These holograms provide excellent protection against replication and offers uniqueness to the brand and product. Advanced Holograms Labels The Advanced Hologram Labels are used for promotional purposes and offering security by giving unique identity to the products. These holograms stickers are designated attractively by making use of premium grade materials and most advanced digital printing techniques. The entire range of holograms contains different sizes, designs, patterns and color combinations to match with the variegated requirements of our clients. Transparent Hologram The Transparent Holograms stickers are suitably utilized with the products, where product surface is needed to be visible along with the brand protection. These holograms are designed cautiously by making use of optimum quality materials and adhesives to laminate as a normal lamination. Various sizes, shapes, designs, and color patterns are provided by us to meet with the variegated industrial requirements. Hologram Labels with Inkjet Printing The Holograms with Inkjet Printing are idyllically utilized as labels for maintaining a track of the products. Designed using graded materials and advanced printing techniques, these holograms are provided in roll form. This hologram range is superior for product authentication and security purposes with printed text over it, which can be seen from a specific angle or under white source light. Holograms with Laser Marking The Laser Marked Holograms are utilized for security purposes by avoiding any possibility of duplicity. These holograms are designed cautiously by using advanced grade materials and sophisticated laser marking techniques in sheet and roll form. These holograms are also used for keeping the track of labels for different products. Hologram with Overprinting The Overprinted Holograms are ideal for product security, authentication and identification applications. These holograms are designed from best grade materials along with the employment of sophisticated screen printing and offset or rotogravure printing techniques. Our holograms leave a red colored overprinting image even after peeling off due to which possibility of duplicity gets eliminated. Hologram with Barcode The Hologram with Barcode is idyllically utilized for giving a unique identity to the product. These holograms are designed using quality materials and latest printing techniques. The holograms helps out in maintaining the data electronically by varying the spacing and width of parallel lines. This hologram range is ideal for packaging distinguished products and also proves helpful while billing process in large retail stores. Scratch Holograms The Hologram with Barcode is idyllically utilized for giving a unique identity to the product. These holograms are designed using quality materials and latest printing techniques. The holograms helps out in maintaining the data electronically by varying the spacing and width of parallel lines. This hologram range is ideal for packaging distinguished products and also proves helpful while billing process in large retail stores. Hologram & Holographic Tape The Hologram & Holographic Tapes & Strips are designed with unique pattern and identity offers excellent protection to envelopes, packaging cartons and boxes. Designed from finest quality materials along with the employment of advanced techniques, these strips and tape are high on visibility and tamper evident. To suffice the clients’ requirements, we customize these strips and tapes with different designs and logos. Hot Stamping Holograms Our entire gamut of Hot Stamping Holograms is suitable for the large scale based applications, where manual pasting is not practically possible. These holograms are designated by making use of premium grade materials and advanced printing techniques. This non removable hologram range is easy to be transferred to surfaces like plastic, PVC and paper by employing thermal process. Holographic Induction Wads Our alluringly designated Holographic Induction Wads are suitably utilized for sealing the containers containing hazardous and health related products. These wads are prudently designed by making use of premium grade materials and top quality laser beam technology. To gratify the clients’ requirements, we design these wads with customized holographic images, sizes, shapes and color patterns. Our induction wads offer unique identity to the product. Hologram & Holographic packaging bag and Pouch manufacturer We are manufacturing Hologram Packaging Bag & Cover a quality range of attractively designated Hologram & Holographic Pouch, which is utilized for packaging different types of products. These pouches are patterned by making use of premium quality materials along with the implementation of latest printing technologies. Our entire pouch range is blended with security and high sealing adhesive properties to ensure prevention from tampering and alteration. Holographic Shrink Sleeves The Holographic Shrink Sleeves are specially designated for bottled products to give branding solution. These sleeves are patterned by making use of top grade PVC, paper and plastic in customized designs, colors, sizes and shapes. The sleeves are easy to apply with holographic strip on the top of the bottles. Our product line offers excellent protection solution against duplicity and imitating. Holographic ID Overlay We have designed attractively a quality assortment of Holographic ID Overlay is ideally utilized as the regular lamination films for packing and offering authenticity to the product. These products are alluringly designed by making use of best grade materials along with the employment of sophisticated techniques. Our product overlays offer excellent anti-counterfeiting to the products. These holographic ID overlays provide prevention from tampering. It gives durability security and strength to the identification cards with its thicker lamination film. Solution tampering is indicated by a weak intensity holographic picture. Holograms for Pharma Sector We have specifically designed Holograms for Pharma Sector to seal the pharmaceutical products impeccably. These holograms are designated by making use of hard and soft aluminum with the employment of advanced printing techniques. Our holograms in the combination of holographic stripe provide authenticity to the pharma products. The hologram assortment offers unique identity to the export drugs. Holographic Films & Laminates The Holographic Films & Laminates are utilized for promotional purposes along with gift packaging solutions. These products are patterned by making use of quality BOPP, polyester and papers implementing sophisticated techniques. With the fine touch of electro forming, embossing and coating, our films and laminates look attention-grabbing.
for wine lovers bag to carry wine bottles design and developed by kiranholographics jaipur using 3d max and AutoCAD software s... this is best quality meet exports requirements...... we can easily ship anywhere in world.....
Kiranholographics is a leading distributor of holographics paper/Grift wrap in India.This foil and film is used in lamination products for cosmetic, personal care, Beverage confection, paper and boards etc. We understand the customer requirements and fulfill the commitment including of on time delivery. Holographic Paper manufacturer, supplier in india
Holograms can be produced by two coherent Laser beam Light intersect and form an Image.Are based on a two-dimensional graphic image. All elements of the design appear in a single image plane.Various techniques are available to customize the hologram to your market requirements. At the same time the product becomes more difficult to counterfeit. The hologram is thus an effective means of strengthening brand identity.Hologram with security featurers like- E-Beam and Kinemax are Impossible to Copy. Many different Hologram Images van be Formed— 2D Hologram -Are based on a two-dimensional graphic image. All elements of the design appear in a single image plane. 2D/3D Holograms -These show two or more two-dimensional images in parallelimage planes, producing a “perspective” effect, creating the illusion of depth. Dot-matrix Hologram -Consist of computer-generated arrangements of dots in a screen. The dots give off different light effects from different viewing positions. Additional components —Besides the various holographic origination techniques, a number of separate design components can be incorporated so as to increase the security value of the hologram and strengthen its optical effects.Such design effects include:image flip, color separation, shading, prismatic components, microtext and hidden images. Question arises in mine why to use holograms kiranholographics has best security features on applying in production of Hologram Image is difficult and not easily can approach to duplicate Hologram. hologram security is applied on various Govt projects and to many companies world wide.Hologram manufaturer & Exporter India sine 2002.
Safeguard your products with hologram stickers As the competition exiting in the market is getting intense over the time, the case of replication and duplication has become very common. Today, without Holograms it is very hard to safeguard the products from such problems. The problem is not new and even if you not running a business, you must have seen products get duplicated and the replica of that is sold in the market on the reputation of the original product. Every brand has a loyal customer segment, and it gives negative impact on reputation of the brand. Hologram labels are the right option to protect your business from delicacy and make them look different. The adverse effect of duplicity affects the sale badly such as the sale of the original product drops down, and the brand also loses the goodwill as the duplicate product belongs to poor quality. Security hologram stickers provide a unique identity and mark of identification, so that buyer can differentiate the original and duplicate product. Holograms offer security, authentication and protection against counterfeit. 3D hologram stickers support a brand to deal with such false practices effectively and protect the goodwill. As the problem of counterfeit is increasing at the rapid gait, there are many hologram exporters comes up to protect the business thought the attractive and different hologram stickers. Customers are more educated and aware today. The trend of security hologram stickers has been increasing over the years, and many industries are taking Holograms as a necessity. Whether its software manufacturers, passport producer, manufacturers, credit card companies, CD producers, or any other business area, hologram labels are used by everyone. Different types of 3D hologram stickers or ordinary security hologram stickers are made for different type of surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, leather or paper for good adherence. There is a large number of Hologram manufactures in India who makes hologram stickers in different sizes, shapes and forms for a wide range of products. Such stickers are stuck on the products to protect them from being counterfeited. All the particulars available on the hologram are manufactured using coherent light resources like laser beam and electric beam. There are many methods such as coating; finishing and embossing are employed in manufacturing of hologram stickers. Holograms cannot be copied by anyone. Hologram suppliers use prismatic lights on the labels, hence they look attractive and provide a glittering rainbow shine. Apart from the ordinary security hologram stickers, there are many 3D hologram stickers available in the market that displays a certain type of light. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business. Such type of stickers is called as “covert” and provides additional safety and authentication to the business.