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'metalized holographic flim'
9 division of M/s Kiranholographics coming soon update with hand printed by using brush colour amazing wall clocks with our registered brand name -YOYO. with attractive prices and special discount
we Design very unique and creative print wall clocks in which our designers from all India give themes which is not copied . We started production very first from designer wall clocks and later in after every week you can see many creative products such as laser cutting lamps , customised name plates for houses which will be developed on medium density fibre material , acrylic sheets and stones such as slate and granite. laser engraving of photograph s can be done by our latest technology laser CO2 machine. we are sharing you our own creative , amazing wall clock which is on demand by India. www.laser crafts is a division of M/s Kiranholographics which is leading into market place since 2002 .
kiran Holographics leading manufacturer of laser crafts in India . Now come up with customised laser cutting and engraving services in jaipur. we do job work of cutting and engraving by laser machine . we do cutting and engraving in size - 3 feet x 4 feet by latest technology laser machine in India.
kiranholographics developing new concept s in hand paint wall clocks. very beautiful floral 3d textured wall clock in india
3d puzzles developed by kiran Holographics in jaipur Rajasthan India. all are developed with 5 mm MDF so it is durable and ready for sale .
3d laser cut fly very beautiful design and developed by Kiranholographics
Kiranholographics soon coming up with 3d illusion lamps with our own brand yoyo with variety of 3d lillusion light. manufactureres and designers of morden lasercrafts in jaipur.
Kiranholographics developed new modern 3d lamp by laser in jaipur. very innovative design table lamp....exclusive for office and home.
Kiranholographics developed designer dry fruit tray