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How Hologram Helps to Secure Brand ? 1) Hologram stickers are manufactured By complex process with High technology equipments. Holograms in india are used from Long time and user such as Govt Organisations benefit from it. 2) Extremely Difficult to copy and Scan. 3) Holograms Stickers are embossed on 36 micron polyster which is mettalised by silver coating and when glue added to it on layer it gives property of TAMPER EVIDENT. It is Self Desructive. 4) Large Investment is required to Start a Hologram Plant. 5) HOMAI ( Hologram Manufacture Assocation of India ) Registered each and every Hologram Image which is produced. Holographic Products – Kiranholographics Manufacturer all kind of Holographic Product and supplier od speciality flims, Security Holograms, Security Hologram, Holographic Hot Stamping Foils, Scratch Hologram, Scratch Holograms, Holographic Aluminium Foils, Holographic Wads, Holographic Wad, Holographic Strip, Holographic Pouch, Holographic Shrink Sleeve, Holographic Strips, Holographic Shrink Sleeves, Holographic Hot Stamping Foil, high security hologram, Color Hologram, Holographic Wide Web Film, Holographic Tear Tape, Holographic Lablel, Text Tempered Holographic Seals, Holographic Aluminium Foil, hot stamp foil , hologram paper, 3 d hologram, holographic films, holographic labels , hologram label, holographic printing, holographic label, custom hologram, shrink film machine, pvc shrink films, hot stamping foils , hologram seal, hologram security stickers , void label, shrink sleeve label, Speciality Holographic Flim Manufacturer.
Hologram manufacturers and supplier in india. We export security hologram stickers to govt organisations with high security features. Our high consumption volume products are hologram stickers, holographic flims, Transparent ID cards etc. New holographic product is holographic showcase . Manufacturer and supplier of holographics products in india.Hologram stickers not only secure brand but prevent the duplication of fake products.we are into hologram selling from 2002 and having client base of 500 customers.