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Glossary Get to know a list of certain terms associated with hologram and holographic technique: Animated holograms: They are made by using time-lapse photography. The object moves between exposures. The object appears to move as the viewpoint changes when the hologram is made from these photos. They are made up of hundreds of image channels Beamsplitter: This is a device which divides the light from a laser into two separate beams-the reference beam and the object beam. Channels: They are images in a hologram which change instantly from one to another as the viewer passes by. These images can also fade or overlap as they change. Coherent light: A coherent light is made from laser and this light is of the same frequency and vibrates in phase. Computer generated hologram: This is a hologram made from a three-dimensional computer model. 2D/3D Hologram: The hologram is made of multiple 2D layers with hologram images placed one behind another with visual depth that creates an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. Diffraction: Bending of light as it passes through very small openings. Dennis Gabor: He is a physicist from Hungary who discovered the holographic technique and was awarded the nobel prize in 1971. DOT-MATRIX Hologram: Dot-Matrix Hologram create a beautiful impact of variable images allowing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in hologram. Embossed holograms: They are made by a manufacturing process which uses a metal replica of a master hologram. Film: Film consists of light sensitive chemicals or the emulsion spread on a surface. Flip-Flop Holograms: They can display two images from different viewing angle. Full color: They represent the natural subject colors as in color photography. Hologram: A hologram is a record of an image as seen from many viewpoints, giving a three-dimensional effect. Holography: The process of making hologram is known as holography. HOE's: These are Holographic Optical Elements, which are actually produced to perform the function of traditional optics, like mirrors and lenses. Interference pattern: A hologram is formed when two waves overlap. This results in an interference pattern which records the relative phase relationship between the two waves. Master hologram: The first hologram that is formed and viewable only by laser light, and combined with other masters for the final hologram transfer. Multiplex holograms: They are stereoscopic holograms made by taking an array of photos with the camera tracking past a subject. Object beam: The light from a laser beam that illuminated the object and is reflected to the holographic film. Rainbow holograms: They are transmission holograms where the object appears to change color as the viewpoint moves vertically. Reference beam: The portion of a laser beam that goes directly to the holographic film. Reflection hologram: Reflection holograms are viewed with the light source on the same side of the viewer. The light is reflected off the hologram. Stereogram: This is an alternative to the original hologram process. Here the subject is imaged directly onto the film with a laser exposure. Tamper evident: Instant recognition of tampering. Transmission hologram: Transmission holograms are lit from behind or viewed with the light source on the opposite side of the hologram from the viewer. Here the light transmits through the hologram. Transfer holograms: These holograms are made using a holographic image from a "master" hologram as the object of a second hologram. True Color Hologram: True Color Hologram is made up of photographic quality art-work, in which counterfeiters can't duplicate hologram close to original one. Volume Hologram: The angle difference between the object beam and reference beam is equal to or greater than 90 degrees. White light: White light is incoherent and contains most of the wavelengths in the visible spectrum, like light from the sun or from a spotlight.
Digital Hologram in india We are Leading suppliers and exporters of Holograms in India. New Technology is Developed by us in field of Holography.Digital holograms is new development by us from high quality megapixel Digital Cameras we create holograms of real world objects. A hologram is an optical element or an image that can record all information present in a wave front-both amplitude and phase information. In other words, a hologram can reproduce the complete 3D wavefront of a captured image or object . . Digital holograms are used to provide three-dimensional (3D) information of a scene or object. Digital cameras capture images which record the intensity of an optical wavefront. Process of making digital holograms Digital holograms are a series of computer-generated images in sequential order and these images do not require to record the light distribution of the objects, unlike optical holograms. The research work of digital holograms is mainly inclined towards formation and rendering of images. It is possible to reconstruct the imaginary objects that do not exist physically in digital holography. Digital holograms are initially saved as a file directly and using a computer program they are reconstructed. They are simpler to record and reconstruct, but resolution is much lower than a holographic film. Digital Hologram sticker Manufacturer in India. The content for digital holograms can easily be produced by non-experts, and the printing process is comparatively inexpensive. Usually a three-dimensional graphical scene, a series of digital photographs or a short movie of a real object is enough for producing digital holograms.Holographic flims in Mumbai. Advantages Compared to a conventional optical holography, digital holograms have many advantages. These are as follows: • Digital holograms have strong anti-disturb property. • They are easy to be modified. • They are difficult to be imitated. • By using the pixel holograph and embossment, hologram films can be fabricated by transforming digital holograms. This can make digital hologram anti-counterfeiting identifiers. • Digital holography uses holographic printers, exposing the photosensitive emulsion with computer generated images. This leads to the creation of conventional holograms with digital content rather than real scenery. • 2D/ 3D graphics or digital photographs and movies can be printed which helps in the holographic recording of real outdoor scenes, completely synthetic objects, and objects in motion. This is impossible to achieve with optical holography. • Digital holograms can be multiplexed. • Another basic advantage is that the content for digital holograms can easily be created by non-experts and the printing process is not very expensive compared to conventional holograms. • A series of digital photographs or a short movie of a real object is enough for producing digital holograms.
Hi, Now kiranholographics introduces laser engraving of Custom photographs on mdf, acrylic, glass, leather, Wine glasses , mobile covers etc We are specialised in photo engraving by co2 laser.
Holograms are best option to protect brand from counterfeiting. Holograms can display a variety of patterns or images, including: fully-three dimensional images (ie. exhibiting depth as well as the usual graphic dimensions of height and width) kinetic geometric designs or patterns, exhibiting movement and colour changes multi-channel images, containing two or more images, each in its own 'viewing channel. From different viewing positions a different image is seen or superimposed on the other image. The image changes are defined as flip (side to side movement), tilt (forward/backward rocking movement) or rotate short animation sequences, which may be a computer-designed sequence or converted video scenes The key types of hologram, as defined both by their appearance and their method of origination, are: 2D - an image in the two dimensions of length and breadth, normally appearing on the plane of the hologram 2D/3D - layered 2D images, in which at least one layer seems to lie behind or underneath the other 3D - an image which has the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth Stereogram - a hologram produced by recording many individual frames of a sequence of images to provide animation (see above). The original sequence may be photographic film, movie footage, video or computer graphics Dot matrix (digital) - a design comprising many tiny dots or pixels which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, each of which is a separate hologram which together create a 2D or 3D image. Dot matrix holograms are created on a computerised origination system that exposes one dot, or pixel, at a time E-beam - instead of using laser beams to record the hologram in a photo-sensitive emulsion, the very fine beam output of an electron beam generator is used to etch the pattern on the recording medium. This allows very high resolution and complex designs to be made Composite or combination - it is possible to combine several of these types of image to create composite images, such as a dot matrix combined with a stereogram to give a multi-channel design of different types Introduction Hierarchy Production Image Types
we Design very unique and creative print wall clocks in which our designers from all India give themes which is not copied . We started production very first from designer wall clocks and later in after every week you can see many creative products such as laser cutting lamps , customised name plates for houses which will be developed on medium density fibre material , acrylic sheets and stones such as slate and granite. laser engraving of photograph s can be done by our latest technology laser CO2 machine. we are sharing you our own creative , amazing wall clock which is on demand by India. www.laser crafts is a division of M/s Kiranholographics which is leading into market place since 2002 .
Kind of Hologram Master Plates : How we Do Hologram Image Origination: The core scientific Principle being that Beams of Light can be split up and when passes through lenses at different angles produces an interference Pattern which got registered as image on glass plate . Hologram master Origination is a Piece of Nickel mold which plays security key in hologram manufacturing. Which helps in defending counterfeiting of fake products. Kiranholographics originate master plates from latest Technology machines such as --- Dot-matrix master Origination , Kinemax etc. We provide combination of different security features like Micro text, Nano Text, Guilloche Lines, CLR Image, Kinetic effects, Animated Concelaed laser readable text, Lens effects , Raster effect etc. 1) 2D/3D – Hologram Master Plate: 2D/3D Hologram master Image is developed by laser Optical recording in which two interference beams intersect together and form colouful image with 3D depth. 2) Dot-matrix Hologram Master Plate: Dot-matrix Hologram image origination allows unlimited computer control by using high tech designing softwares and laser beam tiny millions of grating dots at different viewing angles are accurately recorded results a high resolution hologram image very eye catching and reflecting white light at all angles. 3) True Color Hologram: True Color Hologram Master Image id formed by Photographic quality Portrait or any image with black and white colors artwork. This is very Unique feature if counterfeiter cannot get original portrait, they won’t be able to duplicate similar hologram close to original one. 4) E-Beam Hologram : Exactly the e-beam technology of hologram origination is used in products as security applications. This technique is to provide high resolution for nano features and vivid and sharp images. By using E-beam hologram technique, we can also add color control and animated hidden text and images to make it more authentic. Our E-beam Holograms incorporate security elements that cannot be manufactured using other technologies. E-beam technology creates originals of computer-synthesized e-beam holograms with high level of protection parameters. 5) Flip-Flop Hologram: In flip-Flop Master generates feature to display two or more images from different angles.The viewing angle changes Horizontally (left to Right) or vertically (upside and down) different images evolve through hologram label.
Decorate the product with Hot Stamping foil. Hot stamping foil is used to adorn items with different designs. The Process is famous with many different names such as leaf stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, and tamper hologram stickers. Under the procedure, hologram manufacturers in Delhi use a heated metal stamp to adhere to metallic or matte foil to a paper or plastic. The main advantage of the process is, the end result is highly glossy and smooth. Don’t think that it will consume much time to get dry. The final Tamper hologram stickers do not require drying time and just require hologram id machinery. Hot stamping foil is useful in creating personalized license plate accessories, decorative stationary and picture frames. Hologram machinery is used to create different type of hologram stickers both ordinary hologram labels or Tamper hologram stickers. The holographic image projection system use video projection to project fascinating 3-D hologram effects on a screen, and states musion eyeliner. You will get a wide variety of holograms with Hologram manufactures in Bangalore. The advantages of holograms in Ahemdabad are as follows- Attractive and complicated designs :Holograms help in product branding and making it look different from others. The hologram effect enables the imprinted panel of the merchandise stand up to scrutiny in the special light. This valuable feature of Holograms in Mumbai help customer to decide whether the product you purchase is authentic or not. Anti Tamper Effect :When a person tampers with the symbol on the packages, whether it is seal or watermark, a hologram effect will quickly show you this incongruity. You can use Tamper hologram stickers for complete protection, and the main benefit is you can use a tamper proof hologram label only one time. So, when you open a package, it self destructs and protects it from resealing or reuse. However, all hologram manufactures in Delhi creates tamper-proof holograms but some Hologram manufactures in Bangalore make a special “VOID” which leaves behind when you remove a label. The holograms increase the integrity of the manufacturers and safety of the customers. Many holograms in Ahemdabad also inserted a micro or cryptic text on the good, which a customer can easily identify with a laser pointer and verify. Brand Identity :Holograms can also use to investigate how the image will be appeared. The effect helps with identification problems and protects your identity from theft or fraud. 3Dhologramstickers, hologramexporters, hologramid, hologramlabels, hologrammachinery, HologrammanufacturesinBangalore, hologrammanufacturesindelhi, hologrammanufacturesinindia, Holograms, Hologramsin Mumbai, hologramsinahemdabad., HologramsIndia, hologramstickers, Hologramsuplliers, Hot-stampingfoil, securityhologramstickers, Tamperhologramstickers, hologram video, 3D hologram app
Kiranholographics is one of the professional Importer specializing in all kinds of 3D lenticular products since 2009. Our main products covered 3d picture (with/without frame), 3d poster, 3d notebook , 3d bookmark, 3d postcard , 3d greeting card, 3d fridge magnet, 3d card, 3d sticker, 3d hand fan, 3d coaster , 3d placemat , 3d puzzle , 3d ruler, and 3d keychain etc. With eco-friendly material , beautiful printing, and attractive 3d effect , our products have a varies of usage for your daily life. Such as home decoration, advertising, promotion, gift, school children, souvenir and various festival. With research department, professional designer, and advanced equipment , we have strong ability to develop new items according to your requirements . . We will provide you with the best quality , price and service to be your reliable supplier in india.
About Us KiranHolographics is a fast growing name in the industry of Holograms. Security Hologram Stickers is Our Main selling Product .Our product line includes holographic labels, holographic security holograms, advanced hologram, holographic products, hot-stamping holograms, holographic tapes and many more. In addition to all these, we are also expert in customizing the holograms as per the client’s requirements. There have been some additions in our product line- holographic ID Overlay, Holograms for Pharma sector and Holographic machinery. We have been a company who has popularized the use of 3D custom holograms in market. We are working with a mission to offer our global clients the latest and the most advanced solutions in holography Including 3D Holographic Boxes and Live Holostage. Hologram Labels and Stickers We offer an exotic assortment of Holograms Stickers & Labels, which symbolizes the originality of the brand. These labels are designated by making use of premium grade materials and sophisticated printing techniques ensuring appealing appearance and offering complete security to the brand. The labels are provided with unique identity eradicating the possibility of duplicity and imitation of the novel brand. We pattern these labels and stickers in customized designs, shapes (oval, rounded corner, square, rectangular and round), sizes (varies between 10x10mm and 150x150mm), colors and patterns as per the requirements of our clients. Hologram Sheets IT is provided with unique serial number for security purpose and idyllic for manual application. No gap is needed for square hologram, but 3mm gap is essential for rounded corner and circular hologram. Tamper Holograms The Tamper Holograms are suitable for promotional and product identification applications. Advanced quality materials and adhesives are being utilized in designing these holograms. Our assortment of holograms is highly secured as it cannot be contaminated or removed and if any individual tries to remove it, this results into separation of the uppermost layer of the film. To meet various industrial safety and identification requirements, these holograms can be customized in distinguished sizes, shapes, design and color combinations. Instant Holograms The Instant Holograms are used when an urgent requirement arises. These holograms are designed in different design patterns by using advanced holography techniques and graded materials. These holograms provide excellent protection against replication and offers uniqueness to the brand and product. Advanced Holograms Labels The Advanced Hologram Labels are used for promotional purposes and offering security by giving unique identity to the products. These holograms stickers are designated attractively by making use of premium grade materials and most advanced digital printing techniques. The entire range of holograms contains different sizes, designs, patterns and color combinations to match with the variegated requirements of our clients. Transparent Hologram The Transparent Holograms stickers are suitably utilized with the products, where product surface is needed to be visible along with the brand protection. These holograms are designed cautiously by making use of optimum quality materials and adhesives to laminate as a normal lamination. Various sizes, shapes, designs, and color patterns are provided by us to meet with the variegated industrial requirements. Hologram Labels with Inkjet Printing The Holograms with Inkjet Printing are idyllically utilized as labels for maintaining a track of the products. Designed using graded materials and advanced printing techniques, these holograms are provided in roll form. This hologram range is superior for product authentication and security purposes with printed text over it, which can be seen from a specific angle or under white source light. Holograms with Laser Marking The Laser Marked Holograms are utilized for security purposes by avoiding any possibility of duplicity. These holograms are designed cautiously by using advanced grade materials and sophisticated laser marking techniques in sheet and roll form. These holograms are also used for keeping the track of labels for different products. Hologram with Overprinting The Overprinted Holograms are ideal for product security, authentication and identification applications. These holograms are designed from best grade materials along with the employment of sophisticated screen printing and offset or rotogravure printing techniques. Our holograms leave a red colored overprinting image even after peeling off due to which possibility of duplicity gets eliminated. Hologram with Barcode The Hologram with Barcode is idyllically utilized for giving a unique identity to the product. These holograms are designed using quality materials and latest printing techniques. The holograms helps out in maintaining the data electronically by varying the spacing and width of parallel lines. This hologram range is ideal for packaging distinguished products and also proves helpful while billing process in large retail stores. Scratch Holograms The Hologram with Barcode is idyllically utilized for giving a unique identity to the product. These holograms are designed using quality materials and latest printing techniques. The holograms helps out in maintaining the data electronically by varying the spacing and width of parallel lines. This hologram range is ideal for packaging distinguished products and also proves helpful while billing process in large retail stores. Hologram & Holographic Tape The Hologram & Holographic Tapes & Strips are designed with unique pattern and identity offers excellent protection to envelopes, packaging cartons and boxes. Designed from finest quality materials along with the employment of advanced techniques, these strips and tape are high on visibility and tamper evident. To suffice the clients’ requirements, we customize these strips and tapes with different designs and logos. Hot Stamping Holograms Our entire gamut of Hot Stamping Holograms is suitable for the large scale based applications, where manual pasting is not practically possible. These holograms are designated by making use of premium grade materials and advanced printing techniques. This non removable hologram range is easy to be transferred to surfaces like plastic, PVC and paper by employing thermal process. Holographic Induction Wads Our alluringly designated Holographic Induction Wads are suitably utilized for sealing the containers containing hazardous and health related products. These wads are prudently designed by making use of premium grade materials and top quality laser beam technology. To gratify the clients’ requirements, we design these wads with customized holographic images, sizes, shapes and color patterns. Our induction wads offer unique identity to the product. Hologram & Holographic packaging bag and Pouch manufacturer We are manufacturing Hologram Packaging Bag & Cover a quality range of attractively designated Hologram & Holographic Pouch, which is utilized for packaging different types of products. These pouches are patterned by making use of premium quality materials along with the implementation of latest printing technologies. Our entire pouch range is blended with security and high sealing adhesive properties to ensure prevention from tampering and alteration. Holographic Shrink Sleeves The Holographic Shrink Sleeves are specially designated for bottled products to give branding solution. These sleeves are patterned by making use of top grade PVC, paper and plastic in customized designs, colors, sizes and shapes. The sleeves are easy to apply with holographic strip on the top of the bottles. Our product line offers excellent protection solution against duplicity and imitating. Holographic ID Overlay We have designed attractively a quality assortment of Holographic ID Overlay is ideally utilized as the regular lamination films for packing and offering authenticity to the product. These products are alluringly designed by making use of best grade materials along with the employment of sophisticated techniques. Our product overlays offer excellent anti-counterfeiting to the products. These holographic ID overlays provide prevention from tampering. It gives durability security and strength to the identification cards with its thicker lamination film. Solution tampering is indicated by a weak intensity holographic picture. Holograms for Pharma Sector We have specifically designed Holograms for Pharma Sector to seal the pharmaceutical products impeccably. These holograms are designated by making use of hard and soft aluminum with the employment of advanced printing techniques. Our holograms in the combination of holographic stripe provide authenticity to the pharma products. The hologram assortment offers unique identity to the export drugs. Holographic Films & Laminates The Holographic Films & Laminates are utilized for promotional purposes along with gift packaging solutions. These products are patterned by making use of quality BOPP, polyester and papers implementing sophisticated techniques. With the fine touch of electro forming, embossing and coating, our films and laminates look attention-grabbing.